Monday, May 30, 2016


How to connect between Markdown and Medium

Medium is a great place to share articles, thoughts, ideas, and stories. Markdown is a great way to write text. It supports plain text, codes, citations, a whole lot of features. But Medium does not support Markdown. Markdown does not enable one to directly export to Medium. Markdown can however be written on a regular web page and then can be formatted to export to other blog clients, for example Wordpress and Blogger.

Enter is a great service and I learned about while surfing, my favourite web based markdown editor. Unlike, has a desktop app as well. Like, has a nice front end where I can write really nice post. I really like the aesthetics of the now. It has a very pleasing interface. It also has a desktop app for your platform. I really like it. Here’s how it looks:


You can add tables which Medium natively doesn’t support

Medium natively Markdown to Medium
Lovely Interface Classeur has nice interface as well
Does not support Math This one supports Math

Quite nice features. One of the things you can do with this one is to use footnotes 1

How to connet the two

  1. Write everything in Classeur
  2. Publish as an html file

  1. Can be used to insert references, solves an issue of writing scientific texts or scholarly texts in Medium
    Also, this can be used to push articles towards Authorea.