Friday, May 30, 2008

Food blogs-1

The art of cooking curries

Nothing soothes your soul and sets you up like a piping hot curry at the end of a busy day. And I think I got the hang of cooking curries. The magic is in the sauce that you cook.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last night and this morning

Last night, had a dinner of rice and lentils (recipe: sauteed rice, cauliflower, onions, and diced potatoes in two tsp oil with spices >> added water >> brought to a boil >> simmered for 15 minutes).

This morning went to a great workshop on SAS ( in the university.

Got two more meetings to attend, dues for the internet connection to be paid at the postshop, and running in the evening.

Next update tomorrow or late tonight.

What did I do today upto 7 PM

Log for the day two of running:

1) Ran for about 15 minutes (not the full stretch of 30 minutes as planned). On the way home, I shall run the 15 minutes (although should do that with running shoes on)

2) Cooked a salmon and potato salad (recipe:
* Boil potato (two large potatoes) + few green beans + three small carrots
* Boiled them together for 20 minutes and then drained the water through a sieve/collander, and let cool
* Prepared the dressing (english hot mustard+yogurt+salad dressing (should have added mayo)) and blended them together using a spoon
* scraped the flesh from salmon bones
* pan fried the salmon flesh strips (quickly for about 2 minutes)
* Tossed the salad dressing, potatoes, carrot, bean, and salmon strips and cooked the salad

* Rather than frying the salmon, should have steamed it during the time of boiling potatoes
* Use tomatoes

Plan to come to the office early tomorrow and leave early and then run in the evening for about 30 minutes.

Next post tomorrow

Friday, May 16, 2008

30/30 plan-day 1

17th May, 2008

Today was the first day of my 30/30 running plan. I walked for 10 minutes from house to Ilam fields, then jogged for 30 seconds, broke into a short walk for another 30 seconds, and started to jog again and repeated the process for 30 mintues till coming back home. It was tiring, it was a good exercise, and I enjoyed the process.

No soreness, no problems today.

More tomorrow