Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Impressions with Google Plus I ...

My First Impressions with Google Plus

I think Google Plus is a great concept but there is a genuine risk of running into information overload. Google needs to add more features to the settings of the project for the individual user so that the individual is put into control as to how much of it he or she wants to consume and how much to leave out. Besides, I couldn't see the tight integration between what's written in public domain and flowing in versus what's written in your groups and folks and how that is displayed. I think this balance is crucial because both emails and facebook have this balance of what's important to me as a person in my daily transactions versus what's out there in public domain.

I think we are already supersaturated with information and there is a need to be eclectic about what I want to "consume", and what I want to leave. The choice is not easy and Google does not make it easy either. In combination with buzz, tweets, facebook updates, there's already too much to read and digest and a lot of duplications. I think one of the challenges in the coming weeks is to control what features to turn on and what features off, and whom to follow and whom to skim by, and specifically how to manage all of that information. There are people who will push their blog stuff into their streams (actually this is a test stream to push stuff directly from the stream to the blog post which in turn will fill in all the social networks). So, writing on the stream perhpas with [multimarkdown format]( or whatever can possibly work.

What I particularly like about Google Plus is its concept of circles and building discussions and threads where you can opt in and opt out. This is tremendous, and I can immediately see how powerful it can be in building a whole new concept or paradigm if you will of building discussions and offering guest lectures, and so on. The second aspect is that of the sparks. The sparks are great, and not easy to be overlooked in the information bazaar if you will, but I do not know as my spark list will grow where they will end up. The third thing is the whole integration bit with everything like my email/buzz/document reading (I guess the black strip that now sits on the top of my google website is the clincher here). I think this is a fantastic medium, but like all other powerful google products it requires a little bit of hand holding and tutorials. It's not like twitter that one can shoot off a 140 character stuff out in the wild, or facebook where people can easily start conversatons and bring in people to build networks. I think there is a need for a clear "user manual" for a way of work on the social web.

The potential and the power unleashed by Google Plus is stunning. No wonder Google is slowly releasing the invites and letting people. I understand nothing of the machine strength required to sustain this, the fidelity with which this whole thing mimics real life networking is absolutely stunning, and its for this experience alone, it's worth to be on Google Plus.
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